Online entries for 2019 open in June

Entries open on June 1st and will be taken through the SportIdent system.  An account can be registered in advance of entries opening by visiting https://www.sportident.co.uk/

Key dates:
Monday 10th June (midnight) – entries close.
Friday 21st June – invitations to successful applicants will be sent out by email.
Sunday 30th June (midnight) – deadline for invited entrants for payment of entry fees.

All entrants must meet the minimum entry requirements which are as follows:

  • Ability to cope with the terrain – we look for experience of competing in hard cyclo-cross or mountain biking races, ideally over challenging terrains or courses;
  • Ability in upland environments – we look for evidence that riders have a level of previous event experience in upland environments. Skills such as navigation and first aid may be required and many competitors put down event experience in other sports such as fell running or mountaineering to support this criterion where their mountain biking or cyclo-cross experience has only covered this to a limited degree; and,
  • Ability to meet cut off times – we look for racing experience at a standard that suggests the rider will complete the course within the published cut-off times. We do not want to see a training plan of how you intend to prepare for the 3 Peaks Cyclocross.

Evidence of the above minimum requirements must be provided on the entry form.

We are not prescriptive on the types of event that may be included as experience but can offer some guidance on minimum expectations. For example, a rider who included only road riding or sportives would not be accepted, whereas a rider who has only experience of local off-road racing (e.g. parkland cyclo-cross) would be expected to also include supplementary upland experience.

The judgement of experience submitted on the entry form is at the complete discretion of the entry panel and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the suitability of submitted information.

Any entrant who does not provide any experience (and who has not previously completed the race) will be automatically rejected.