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Men’s and Ladies’ Winners. Teams at foot of page. No female competitors until 1979.
Original race distance 40kms until 1980.

1961John Rawnsley (1)Bradford R.C.C.3:21.03
1962Harry Bond (1)Bradford R.C.C.3:20.08
1963Ian Craig (1)Lune R.C.C.3:28.20
1964Harry Bond (2)Bradford R.C.C.3:00.05
1965John Bell (1)Bradford Wheelers3:14.34
1966Harry Bond (3)Bradford R.C.C.2:57.21
1967Harry Bond (4)Bradford R.C.C.3:14.27
1968Tom McDonald (1)Keighley St. Christopher CC3:07.51
1969John Atkins (1)Coventry R.C.2:51.58
1970John Atkins (2)Coventry R.C.2:46.55
1971Eric Stone (1)R.B.M.2:37.33
1972Chris Wilkinson (1)Bronte Wheelers2:45.45
1973Barry Davies (1)Ron Kitching Cycles2:56.50
1974Barry Davies (2)Ron Kitching Cycles2:50.40
1975Barry Davies (3)Ron Kitching Cycles2:52.18
1976John Atkins (3)Viscount Shimano2:48.12
1977Eric Stone (2)Bradford R.C.C.2:40.18
1978Eric Stone (3)Ron Kitching/ Sun Tour2:50.35
1979Eric Stone (4)Ron Kitching/ Sun Tour2:40.00
1980John North (1)G.B. Bronte Wheelers/ McManus & Poole3:00.16
1981Arthur Manz (1)Switzerland V.C Bauma/ Assos3:09.02
1982Eric Stone (5)G.B. Andrew Bros. BMW3:12.10
1983Richard Bates (1)Bradford R.C.C.3:05.59
1984Tim Gould (1)Chesterfield Coureurs/ Ness3:20.16
1985Tim Gould (2)Chesterfield Coureurs/ Ness3:20.30
1986Tim Gould (3)Chesterfield Coureurs/ Ness3:05.00
1987Tim Gould (4)Ace R.T./ Peugeot3:11.26
1988Tim Gould (5)Ace R.T./ Peugeot3:02.48
1989Tim Gould (6)Cycles Peugeot U.K.3:01.21
1990Fred Salmon (1)Cycles Peugeot U.K.3:05.16
1991Nick Craig (1)Cycles Peugeot U.K.3:13.47
1992Fred Salmon (2)Team Peugeot/ Look3:00.46
1993Fred Salmon (3)Team Peugeot3:05.59
1994Chris Young (1)Muddy Fox/ Fred Salmon Racing3:33.40
1995Andy Peace (1)Helwith Bridge Alers3:08.00
1996Andy Peace (2)Pace Satellite TV Systems/ PSP22/ Nike3:09.37
1997Chris Young (2)Pace Racing/ Pace Satellite TV2:58.10
1998Chris Young (3)Team Marie Curie/ Pace Satellite TV3:08.02
1999Ian Cuthbertson (1)Merlin/ Rock Lobster3:02.23
2000Rob Jebb (1)Ron Hill RT2:59.35
2001No race - foot & mouth  
2002Rob Jebb (2)Team Ron Hill2:53.59
2003Rob Jebb (3)Wheelbase/ Ron Hill2:53.04
2004Rob Jebb (4)Wheelbase/ Ron Hill3:04.52
2005Rob Jebb (5)Wheelbase/ Ron Hill3:01.31
2006Rob Jebb (6)Wheelbase/ Ron Hill3:00.56
2007No race - foot & mouth  
2008Rob Jebb (7)Wheelbase/ Gore Bike Wear2:52.22
2009Nick Craig (2)Scott UK2:54.12
2010Rob Jebb (8) Cannondale/ Gore Bike Wear2:57.11
2011Nick Craig (3)Scott UK3:08.47
2012Rob Jebb (9)Team Hope Factory Racing3:09.21
2013Rob Jebb (10)Hope Factory Racing3:05.14
2014Rob Jebb (11)Hope Factory Racing2:59.25
2015Paul Oldham (1)Hope Factory Racing2:59.33
2016Paul Oldham (2)Hope Factory Racing2:58.30
2017Paul Oldham (3)Hope Factory Racing3:06.16
2018Paul Oldham (4)Hope Factory Racing2:56.06

1979Brenda Atkinson (1)City of Stoke/ Draka Foam4:35.29
1980Susan Hoare (1)Yorkshire Century R.C.5:09.03
1982Susan Hoare (2)Yorkshire Century R.C.5:24.02
1985Christine Walker (1)Bingley Harriers & AC5:25.40
1986Janet Sanger (1)Overbury's Cycles Bristol4:57.12
1988Emma Wood (1)Ace R.T./ Peugeot4:29.55
1989Melanie Grivell (1)Hull Thursday R.C./ Falcon Cycles4:45.05
1990Melanie Grivell (2)Ace R.T./ Peugeot4:20.40
1991Isla Rowntree (1)Zinn/Trailbikers4:46.30
1993Alison Garside (1)Huddersfield Star Wheelers4:52.01
1994Alison Garside (2)Huddersfield Star Wheelers5:47.02
1995Jacqui Foster (1)Aire Valley MBC/ Aire Valley Cycles4:52.12
1996Ruth Gamwell (1)Team Stonefield4:56.26
1997Mari Todd (1)Midlothian R.T.3:53.43
1998Sue Thomas (1)Team Raleigh M-Trax4:19.54
1999Kali Exley (1)Eric Burgess R.T.4:33.03
2000Sue Thomas (2)Scott UK3:53.31
2001No race - foot & mouth  
2002Louise Robinson (1)Stourbridge CC3:40.16
2003Louise Robinson (2)Stourbridge CC3:39.33
2004Louise Robinson (3)Stourbridge CC/ Parker International4:00.21
2005Louise Robinson (4)Stourbridge CC/ Parker International/ Wrap3:54.05
2006Isla Rowntree (2)Stourbridge CC/ Parker International/ Wrap4:04.02
2007No race - foot & mouth  
2008Heather Dawe (1)JD Cycles 3:50.25
2009Renee Saxton (1)Otley AC 4:18.36
2010Renee Saxton (2)Otley AC 4:19.54
2011Louise Robinson (5)Stourbridge CC3:44.49
2012Victoria Wilkinson (1)Team JD Cycles3:59.17
2013Delia Beddis (1)ViCiOUS Velo 4:00.57
2014Verity Appleyard (1)Brotherton Cycles 4:07.19
2015Jules Toone (1)Torq Performance 3:57.07
2016Delia Beddis (2)ViCiOUS Velo 4:06.25
2017Christina Wiejak (1)Barrow Central Wheelers 4:05.44
2018Christina Wiejak (2)Barrow Central Wheelers 3:45.19


Bradford Racing Cycling Club1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1982, 1983, 1989
Keighley St. Christopher C.C.C.1971
Bronte Wheelers/ McManus & Poole1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1980, 1981
Ron Kitching/ Sun Tour1979
Norton Wheelers1984
Chesterfield Coureurs/ Ness1985, 1986
Ace R.T./ Peugeot1987, 1988, 1990, 1994
Helwith Bridge Alers1991, 1996
Bradford Olympic R.C./ Paul Milnes/ Lusso1992, 1993, 1995
Pace Racing/ Pace Satellite TV1997
Team Marie Curie/ Pace Satellite TV1998, 1999
Helly Hansen - Giant - MBI2000
Science in Sport.com2002
Wheelbase/ Ron Hill2003, 2004, 2005
Scott UK2006
Wheelbase/ Gore Bike Wear2008 Cannondale/ Gore Bike Wear2009, 2010
Hope Factory Racing2012, 2015, 2016, 2018
Jedi Cycle Sport2013, 2014
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